Curt works hard for his clients and always returns my calls, even after a long day in court. I really appreciated working with you!

Curt Alfrey, the Denver lawyer that my friend recommended was very helpful (and prompt, too). He was terrific…charges dismissed!

I was completely satisfied by how the proceedings went and would hire Mr. Alfrey if ever needed again

Curt Alfrey was professional, kind, and courteous during the most difficult time of my life

Results of Recent Cases Handled by Alfrey & Associates, PC

  • Class 3 Felony Sexual Assault on a Child: CASE DISMISSED
  • Class 4 Felony Sexual Assault on a Child: CASE DISMISSED
  • Class 3 Internet Luring of a Child: CASE DISMISSED
  • DUI (3rd Offense): CASE DISMISSED
  • Driving on Revoked License (10th Offense): 4 point Speeding (no jail)
  • Numerous Speeding Tickets: CASE DISMISSED
  • Denver Child Abuse: CASE DISMISSED
  • Jefferson County Child Abuse: CASE DISMISSED
  • Theft: NOT GUILTY after a jury trial.
  • Carrying a Concealed and Illegal Weapon: CASE DISMISSED
  • Numerous DMV License Revocation Hearings: CASES DISMISSED
  • Red Light Violation: Reduced to zero points, not reported to DMV

No attorney can guarantee or predict the outcome of a particular case. Each case stands on its own merits. At ALFREY & ASSOCIATES, PC, we can guarantee that we will use our extensive experience in Criminal Law and significant contacts within the system to obtain the absolute best result that we can for your matter. Call today to set up a free, no obligation appointment. Time is of the essense and we would like to get working on your matter as soon as possible.


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